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Participation is a constructive way of activating, connecting and developing your talents with the aim of strengthening the urban economy.

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What we create

1. Virtual community of city residents

The followers and readers of the I LOVE network form a community for their respective cities which grows every day and follows our possitively inspired content! We create togetherness and connections between our followers, in this way, the inhabitansts can discover the treasures of their city!

2. Network for local creative people

The content of our platform comes from local creative people. We coach people, motivate them and connect them with other creative people in a network in their city.

3. Communication products

The creative people in our network create stories, music, video films, choreographies an other great products for their city community. Our digital network acts as a portfolio for them, allowing their work to be evaluated by an honest audience. In this way they achieve a lot of readers and potential customers / new collaborations.

4. Communication service

Communication products which reach a large audience are regardes as successful. We offer these prototypes to local merchants and authorities as a way to bring their message to the inhabitants. Experience tells us that inspiring stories, music and film recordings with a personal message work better than, for example, an advertising poster. We connect traders and local authorities with creative talent to shape their message.



Cooperation by I LOVE Network

We build a vibrant community of residents, creative people and local entrepreneurs who believe that connection between people is essential.

Creative, positive and inspiring

Creative, positive and inspiring by I LOVE Network

We believe in the power of creativity and positivity, universal values that can appeal to and inspire many people. The stories in our network can include all sorts of themes such as culture, diversity, education, sustainability, etc. In the overflow of negative news reports, we want to create an oasis of positivity for the local population.

Local economy

Local economy by I LOVE Network

Because we want to boost the local economy, our customers are local entrepreneurs and companies. We connect them with a suitable storyteller for their story.

Wide network

Wide network by I LOVE Network

As a creative community, we want to involve as many schools, training centers and organizations as possible in order to strengthen our network. Local talent is also welcome on this platform: artists, people with a certain hobby, freelancers, job seekers ...

Entrepreneurship support / awareness

Entrepreneurship support / awareness by I LOVE Network

We help creatives to take the chance to show their creative products or services to a city audience. In this way they get feedback about their creation. We give them a free stage and lend them our business model. They get confidence out of this and are able to make logical decisions for when they want to become an entrepreneur themselves.

City branding / marketing

City branding / marketing by I LOVE Network

We are politically neutral. As the customers of the city and the local companies, we are the happy customers who tell about waht make us happy in our city. We giva a creative expression to our "customer experience". THis authentic product can be used by the city in its communication promotion. Our presence in several world cities gives the participating cities in our network also new opportunities for cooperation with each other, for example in tourism, economy, etc.


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