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At MY CITY FAN CLUB, we believe that residents like you have the power to strengthen the local economy and branding of local entrepreneurs, with our help. Discover our story. →


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What are we doing?

I LOVE Network

For creative talents

1. Activate and collect

VZW MY CITY FAN CLUB encourages citizens to express their creative talents..

With our non-profit association we create an artistic, friendly community of creative individuals who share their unique experiences in their city with the world. They do this through photos, videos, music, dance or some other form of art.

We share every expression of creative talent within and beyond city limits through an awareness campaign.

2. Spread

We spread the work of creatives through media partners such as the I LOVE Network. Every creative work deserves a place on its own urban platform. We spread creations with a universal message to an even bigger audience via our national platforms (I Love Flanders and I Love Belgium).

Do you want to make a creative contribution on a regular basis? Then become CITYzen! As a member you get the unique opportunity to share your own creations twice a month on our urban platforms. Your membership can also be sponsored by your city or another organization.

3. Feedback

As CITYzen you always receive a report of the result and reach of your content. That feedback helps you to further sharpen and shape your creativity. In this way we encourage you to further develop your creative talent and capabilities.

4. Traning

You can follow courses related to social media, online marketing and branding. Other sessions such as creative writing and photography are also part of our offer. With these training courses we stimulate the further growth of your creative talent.

5. Connect

As CITYzen you work together with other creative people with diverse talents. Through this collaboration you expand your network and learn from others. Think of it as a unique experience: you are part of a special community and meet people you would never meet in your daily life! We ensure that you stay connected through online and offline channels.

6. Generate

Thanks to feedback, training, and sessions, we help you bring out the best in your creative self. As CITYzen you get a CITYzen manager by your side who guides you in the creation of content and ensures that you stay connected with other creative people.

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For local entrepreneurs

We take care of the branding & marketing of local entrepreneurs through the collection of positive customer experiences, co-creation, publication and reporting.

  • We create a database of positive, heartwarming stories in the form of photos, texts or videos, told and brought to you by your customers.

  • We advertise your business based on stories from your satisfied customers..

  • We distribute your customer stories in different regions, at Flemish and national level, via I LOVE Network. We provide 360 degree communication: together with satisfied customers we create articles, videos, posters or other communication products. We publish those results and provide feedback based on reports that show responses from other customers.

  • Our database provides golden information about the strengths of your company and what makes your business different from the others. This knowledge increases awareness of how the market sees your product or service and how you can optimize your offer.

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For cities

I LOVE Network is a network that lives in Flanders and the Benelux. Our goal is to spotlight experiences or stories about cities on a global scale. There is room for everyone: locals, tourists and fans are more than welcome to share their input. We strive for a positive and authentic look by working 100% with local content!

CITY branding & marketing

We focus on branding & marketing activities for cities based on the exclusive and creative stories about city experiences. After all, a city is only as big as the stories behind it. The distrubtion of those stories results in a boost of the local economy and tourism.

Encourage citizen participation

Locals are enthusiastic about their own city: we strengthen that bond through the participation process of MY CITY FAN CLUB. Coaches guide creative talents so that they can get even more out of their creations.

Social relationship

Our community MY CITY FAN CLUB connects creative talents in a special way: different profiles come together and bring out the best in each other.

More info?

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Het gezicht achter I love Antwerp: “Locals hebben goede ideeën voor toekomstige stad”

Het gezicht achter I love Antwerp: “Locals hebben goede ideeën voor toekomstige stad”

GVA - 9 February 2021

Starter in de kijker: Gama Putra (I LOVE Network

Starter in de kijker: Gama Putra (I Love Network)

VOKA - 2 February 2021

LOKAAL is het nieuwe SEXY – Een nieuw initiatief van MY CITY FAN CLUB VZW en I LOVE NETWORK

LOKAAL is het nieuwe SEXY – Een nieuw initiatief van MY CITY FAN CLUB VZW en I LOVE NETWORK

I Love Limburg - 4 May 2020

Website 'I LOVE HASSELT' van Indonesiër krijgt wereldwijd navolging

Website 'I LOVE HASSELT' van Indonesiër krijgt wereldwijd navolging

Corda INCubator - 24 May 2018

Gama Putra – Inspiring Locals To LOVE Their City

Gama Putra – Inspiring Locals To LOVE Their City

Behind The Story - 12 January 2018

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